Looking back at HiPEAC 2024

15 February, 2024

Members of DEEP-SEA, IO-SEA and RED-SEA attended the HiPEAC 2024 conference held this year in Munich, Germany. At the conference, which took place in the Science Congress Centre in Garching from 17 until 19 January, the three SEA projects shared a stand with posters providing information about each project and how they are working together to develop complementary European technologies for future Exascale architectures. Attendees were invited to learn about the projects’ work on the Modular Supercomputing Architecture (MSA) and to discuss current HPC issues with project members at the booth.

In addition to the conference exhibition, members of the SEA projects also took part in the HiPEAC conference programme. Hans-Christian Hoppe from the Jülich Supercomputing Centre represented the three projects in the HiPEAC Industrial Session and he represented DEEP-SEA in the Concerto workshop. In his presentations, he outlined the key challenges that the Exascale era presents to the HPC industry, such as energy efficiency and workload diversity, and how the DEEP-SEA and the SEA projects are addressing these issues by developing an architecture specifically designed for heterogeneous future HPC systems.

The IO-SEA “Storage I/O and Data Management for Exascale Architectures” Tutorial style workshop was organised as a full day event on January 18th, Thursday. This covered the basic concepts behind the IO-SEA stack as well as how the different IO-SEA use cases exploit the stack. The RED-SEA workshop was organised on Friday, January 19th covering innovations built upon the BXI interconnect in the project. These projects showed good linkages to the overall SEA projects.

Further, work on MPI Malleability  from the DEEP-SEA project,  “Extending a production MPI implementation”, was covered by Sonja Happ from ParTec in the EuroHPC projects workshop on January 17th.

In the remaining project period, the SEA projects members will attend this year’s EuroHPC Summit, which will take place in Antwerp, Belgium (18-21 March 2024).