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14 May, 2024

DEEP-SEA releases software stack at the end of project term

After a three-year project term, DEEP-SEA and the SEA projects have come to an end. The three projects have successfully realised the Modular Supercomputing Architecture (MSA) and DEEP-SEA has released its highly efficient, easy-to-use software stack to the European HPC community.

27 March, 2024

DEEP-SEA at the EuroHPC Summit 2024

The DEEP-SEA project was present and highly visible at the EuroHPC Summit in Antwerp, Belgium (March 18th – 21st , 2024).

21 March, 2024

New SEA video available

In the third video of the SEA video series, Daniel Caviedes-Voullième o the Forschungszentrum Jülich explains his research and how it benefits from the DEEP-SEA project.

15 February, 2024

Looking back at HiPEAC 2024

A look back at the SEA projects’ participation in one of the most important HPC events of the year, the HiPEAC Conference.

11 January, 2024

SEA projects all set for joint workshop and HiPEAC

The SEA projects are getting ready for a key week in the current project period. The project members are meeting in Munich for a final joint workshop on 16 January before participating in the HiPEAC Conference from 17-19 January.

4 December, 2023

Final SEA projects workshop in January 2024

The SEA projects are organising a final workshop for January 2024. The projects will present key results of their work and demonstrate open source software elements and best practices.

SEA projects booth at Supercomputing 23 together with ACROSS project
30 November, 2023

Looking back at Supercomputing 2023

With more than 14.000 people attending the conference, Supercomputing 23 was a full success. We asked one of our experts for his take aways from the annual HPC event.

19 October, 2023

Exascale in Colorado – DEEP-SEA at this year’s Supercomputing Conference

The Supercomputing Conference (SC) is taking place in Denver, USA, this year. DEEP-SEA will also be represented at the world’s largest HPC event.

20 September, 2023

SEA video series continues

In the second video of the SEA video series, the KU Leuven’s Giovanni Lapenta explains how supercomputing benefits astrophysical research on solar winds known as “space weather”.