This page gives an overview on all academic publications related to the DEEP projects.

P. Esmaili-Dokht, M. Guiot, P. Radojkovic, X. Martorell, E. Ayguade, J. Labarta, J. Adlard, P. Amato, M. Sforzin
29 February, 2024

O(n) Key–value Sort with Active Compute Memory

L. Möller, M. Copik, A. Calotoiu, T. Hoefler
19 January, 2024

Cppless: Productive and Performant Serverless Programming in C++

W. Qiu, M. Copik, Y. Wang, A. Calotoiu, T. Hoefler
23 November, 2023

User-guided Page Merging for Memory Deduplication in Serverless Systems

S. Sen, S. Vanecek, M. Schulz
17 November, 2023

GPUscout: Locating Data Movement-related Bottlenecks on GPUs

P. Schaad, T. Schneider, T. Ben-Nun, A. Calotoiu, A. Nikolaos Ziogas, T. Hoefler

FuzzyFlow: Leveraging Dataflow To Find and Squash Program Optimization Bugs

S.A. Mohammadi, L. Rothenberger, G. de Morais, B. Nico Görlich, E. Lille, H. Rüthers, F. Wolf

Filtering and Ranking of Code Regions for Parallelization via Hotspot Detection and OpenMP Overhead Analysis

Iker Martín Álvarez, José I. Aliaga, Maribel Castillo, Sergio Iserte
12 November, 2023

Efficient data redistribution for malleable applications

Joost Croonen, Luca Pezzini, Fabio Bacchini, Giovanni Lapenta
27 October, 2023

Exactly energy-conserving electromagnetic Particle-in-Cell method in curvilinear coordinates

Mohak Chadha, Eishi Arima, Amir Raoofy, Michael Gerndt, Martin Schulz
23 September, 2023

Sustainability in HPC: Vision and Opportunities

O. Castillo-Reyes, P. Rulff, E. Schankee Um, A. Amor-Martin
8 September, 2023

Meshing strategies for 3d geo-electromagnetic modeling in the presence of metallic infrastructure

O. Castillo-Reyes, X. Hu, B. Wang, Y. Wang, Z. Guo
17 August, 2023

Electromagnetic imaging and deep learning for transition to renewable energies: a technology review

G. Katevenis, M. Ploumidis, M. Marazakis
10 August, 2023

Impact of Cache Coherence on the Performance of Shared-Memory based MPI Primitives: A Case Study for Broadcast on Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Ch. Hellwig, F. Czappa, M. Michel, R. Bertrand, F. Wolf
18 July, 2023

Satellite Collision Detection using Spatial Data Structures

T. Ben-Nun, L. Gianinazzi, T. Hoefler, Y. Oltchik
17 July, 2023

Maximum Flows in Parametric Graph Templates

L Trümper, T Ben-Nun, P Schaad, A Calotoiu, T Hoefler
21 June, 2023

Performance Embeddings: A Similarity-Based Transfer Tuning Approach to Performance Optimization

Ahmad Tarraf, Alexis Bandet, Francieli Boito, Guillaume Pallez, Felix Wolf
14 June, 2023

FTIO: Detecting I/O Periodicity Using Frequency Techniques

Giuseppe Arrò, Francesco Pucci, Francesco Califano, Maria Elena Innocenti, Giovanni Lapenta
9 June, 2023

Generation of sub-ion scale magnetic holes from electron shear flow instabilities in plasma turbulence

Tal Ben-Nun, Berke Ates, Alexandru Calotoiu, Torsten Hoefler
1 June, 2023

Bridging Control-Centric and Data-Centric Optimization

M. Copik, R. Böhringer, A. Calotoiu, T. Hoefler
15 May, 2023

FMI: Fast and Cheap Message Passing for Serverless Functions

M. Pavlidakis, S. Mavridis, A. Chazapis, G. Vasiliadis, and A. Bilas
2 May, 2023

Arax: A Runtime Framework for Decoupling Applications from Heterogeneous Accelerators