Extra-P is an automatic performance-modeling tool that supports the user in the identification of scalability bugs. A scalability bug is a part of the program whose scaling behavior is unintentionally poor, that is, much worse than expected. A performance model is a formula that expresses a performance metric of interest such as execution time or energy consumption as a function of one or more execution parameters such as the size of the input problem or the number of processors. Extra-P uses measurements of various performance metrics at different execution configurations as input to generate performance models of code regions (including their calling context) as a function of the execution parameters.

Goals within DEEP-SEA

In DEEP-SEA Extra-P will be extended to support modelling of GPU behaviour, including kernel execution and data transfers. In addition, Extra-P will be used as part of an application mapping toolchain, that will make placement suggestions for a suitable mapping of application kernels onto MSA systems.

Website: https://github.com/extra-p/extrap