Mitos is a tool that enables obtaining detailed information about samples of memory operations which an application trigger. Mitos accompanies a running application, and stores detailed information about the samples, such as issuing core, load latency, or which physical memory the piece of data was located in. The samples are then connected with the line of source code that triggered said operation. This enables exact attribution of the sampled operations to the source code.

Mitos provides data for the MemAxes tool – Mitos collects the samples of a running application and other details, and MemAxes reads, analyses, and visualizes the collected set of information.

Goals within DEEP-SEA

In the DEEP-SEA project, we plan to update Mitos to be easy to use, and to collect data regarding parallel applications. Next, we will consider options of collecting memory movement-related information out of the single CPU scope, targeting heterogeneous systems and their components, such as GPUs or interconnects.