The PROFiling-based EsTimation of performance and energy (PROFET) tool profiles memory system performance, quantifies the application pressure to the memory system and estimates application performance on hardware platforms with novel memory systems. It was initially designed for Intel’s “Sandy Bridge” generation of server CPUs with DDR3 main memory, and further evaluated on Intel’s Knights Landing platforms with DDR4 and MCDRAM main memory.

The main objective of our DEEP-SEA work is to help HPC users to understand memory system performance and quantify the pressure their applications put on that system. To reach this objective, we are performing integration of the advanced PROFET memory features into the Extrae and Paraver, production HPC tools for application tracing and performance analysis. We also characterised the memory system performance and performed PROFET predictions for the state-of-the-art HPC servers with advanced memory technology, in particular Intel’s “Cascade Lake” generation servers with DDR4 and Intel® OptaneTM main memory.


Goals within DEEP-SEA