This page gives an overview on all academic publications related to the DEEP projects.

D. Álvarez and V. Beltran
24 April, 2023

Optimizing Iterative Data-flow Scientific Applications using Directed Cyclic Graphs

M. Maroñas, A. Navarro, E. Ayguadé and V. Beltran
6 April, 2023

Mitigating the NUMA Effect on Task-Based Runtime Systems

Giovanni Lapenta
21 January, 2023

Advances in the Implementation of the Exactly Energy Conserving Semi-Implicit (ECsim) Particle in Cell Method

J. Aguilar Mena, O. Shaaban, V. Beltran, P. Carpenter, E. Ayguade, and J. Labarta
13 January, 2023

Transparent load balancing of MPI programs using OmpSs-2@cluster and DLB

Hanne Baeke, Jorge Amaya, Giovanni Lapenta
10 January, 2023

Classification of Solar Flares using Data Analysis and Clustering of Active Regions

Jan Fecht; Martin Schreiber; Martin Schulz; Howard Pritchard; Daniel J. Holmes
4 January, 2023

An Emulation Layer for Dynamic Resources with MPI Sessions

F. Czappa, A. Geiß, F. Wolf
1 January, 2023

Simulating Structural Plasticity of the Brain more Scalable than Expected

Carl-Johannes Johnsen, Tiziano De Matteis, Tal Ben-Nun, Johannes de Fine Licht, Torsten Hoefler
22 December, 2022

Temporal Vectorization: A Compiler Approach to Automatic Multi-Pumping

D. De Sensi, T. De Matteis, K. Taranov, S. Di Girolamo, T. Rahn, T. Hoefler
8 December, 2022

Noise in the Clouds: Influence of Network Performance Variability on Application Scalability

J. Aguilar Mena
23 November, 2022

Methodology for malleable applications on distributed memory systems

Huber, Dominik; Streubel, Maximilian; Comprés, Isaías; Schulz, Martin; Schreiber, Martin; Pritchard, Howard
16 November, 2022

Towards Dynamic Resource Management with MPI Sessions and PMIx

C. Tassadit Ait Kaci, M. Sergent, E. Saillard, D. Barthou
15 November, 2022

Static Local Concurrency Errors Detection in MPI-RMA Programs

Georgios Vavouliotis; Gino Chacon; Lluc Alvarez; Paul V. Gratz; Daniel A. Jiménez; Marc Casas
26 October, 2022

Page Size Aware Cache Prefetching

G. Katevenis-Bitzos, M. Ploumidis, and M. Marazakis
6 September, 2022

A framework for hierarchical single-copy MPI collectives on multicore nodes

M.I. Andersson, N. A. Murugan, A. Podobas and S. Markidis
29 August, 2022

Breaking Down the Parallel Performance of GROMACS, a High-Performance Molecular Dynamics Software

Luca Franci; Emanuele Papini; Alfredo Micera; Giovanni Lapenta; Petr Hellinger; Daniele Del Sarto; David Burgess; Simone Landi
26 August, 2022

Anisotropic Electron Heating in Turbulence-driven Magnetic Reconnection in the Near-Sun Solar Wind

Jimmy Aguilar Mena, Omar Shaaban, Vicenç Beltran, Paul Carpenter, Eduard Ayguadé, Jesus Labarta Mancho
24 August, 2022

Artifact and instructions to generate experimental results for Euro-Par 2022 paper: OmpSs-2@Cluster: Distributed memory execution of nested OpenMP-style tasks

J. Aguilar Mena, O. Shaaban, V. Beltran, P. Carpenter, E. Ayguade, and J. Labarta
22 August, 2022

OmpSs-2@Cluster: Distributed memory execution of nested OpenMP-style tasks

H. Nöttgen, F. Czappa, and F. Wolf
1 August, 2022

Accelerating Brain Simulations with the Fast Multipole Method

A. Navarro, A. F. Lorenzon, E. Ayguadé, V. Beltran

Combining Dynamic Concurrency Throttling with Voltage and Frequency Scaling on Task-based Programming Models