This page gives an overview on all academic publications related to the DEEP projects.

J. Amaya, A. Wolf, B. Lembège, A. Zitz, D. Alvarez, G. Lapenta
17 April, 2016

Innovative HPC Architectures for the Study of Planetary Plasma Environments 

Suarez, E..
16 January, 2016

Implementing a new computer architecture paradigm

Eicker, N.
29 October, 2015

Taming Heterogeneity by Segregation – The DEEP and DEEP-ER take on Heterogeneous Cluster Architectures

Eicker, N.

Taming Heterogeneity by Segregation – The DEEP View on Exascale

Alvarez Mallon, D.:
3 July, 2015

DEEP and DEEP-ER: From A Concept to Application Reality

Suarez, E.
2 June, 2015

The DEEP-ER way towards exascale I/O and resilience

Suarez, E.; Staffelbach, G.; Tchiboudjian, M.
27 May, 2015

DEEP & DEEP-ER: Innovative Exascale Architectures in the Light of User Requirements

Eicker, N.
11 February, 2015

The European Supercomputer Projects DEEP & DEEP-ER

Rosas, C.; Giménez, J.; Labarta, J.
1 October, 2014

Scalability prediction for fundamental performance factors

Prabhakaran, S.; Iqbal, M. ; Rinke, S. ; Windisch, C. ; Wolf, F.
9 September, 2014

A Batch System with Fair Scheduling for Evolving Applications

Narasimhamurthy, S.
9 April, 2014

Collective I/O for Exascale I/O Intensive Applications