DEEP-SEA, IO-SEA and RED-SEA launch a new video series on the MSA and HPC applications

3 August, 2023

DEEP-SEA, IO-SEA and RED-SEA have launched the first of several videos that highlight their collaborative work to realise the Modular Supercomputing Architecture.

DEEP-SEA and the other two SEA projects, IO-SEA and RED-SEA have announced the publication of the first video of their new video series.

In the introductory video called „SEA Projects: Introduction to Modular Supercomputing Architecture“, DEEP-SEA’s research group leader Estela Suarez explains how the three SEA projects collaborate with each other to jointly realise a Modular Supercomputing Architecture (MSA).

The video is available on the projects‘ joint Youtube channel.

This first video is designed to provide a general overview of the three projects. More videos will be published in the months to come highlighting special aspects of the projects, such as HPC applications.